Guide to Buy

Guide to Buy — Washing Machine

1. Type

Choose from either a washer or a washer cum dryer based on your lifestyle at home. Do you dread hanging laundry to dry, especially after a long day? Unsightly laundry hangers taking up space at home? Bad weather affecting your laundry drying? Choose a combination of washer cum dryer that performs 2-in1 washing and drying conveniently.

Save the hassle of hanging laundry to dry when you can simply run one continuous cycle.

Save space by enjoying the functions of two appliances in one product.

Maximizing space and functionality at home.

2. Capacity

Depending on the size of your household, frequency and habit of doing laundry, choose your preferred capacity. if you have a large household, choose a larger capacity washing machine. If you have smaller household, including children where clothes are washed separately more than once per day, consider a smaller capacity washer.

3. Spin Speed

Washing machines are responsible for not only for rinsing the laundry but also adequately spin-drying the laundry at the end of the wash cycle. The spin speed is determined by the revolutions per minute (rpm) which represents how fast a washing machine’s drum rotates during the spin cycle. The higher the spin RPM on a washing machine, the faster the drum turns and the drier the clothes at the end of the cycle. The drier the clothes come out of the machine, the faster they dry on the line and in the tumble dryer.

4. Water and Energy Efficiency

All ELBA washing machines are water efficient and energy efficient. In addition, washers are equipped with auto water adjustment and half load detection functions that optimise the water level based on laundry load. When washing smaller loads, simply select specially developed programs such as Quick 14′ or Rapid 15′.

5. Wash Programs

Specialised washing machine programs optimally wash delicate pieces or special fabrics. Developed for your varying needs at home, ELBA washers bring you convenience and assurance.

For sensitive skin, eczema and baby clothes, choose a washing machine with Allergy Safe or Hygiene programs that effectively sanitize and disinfect your laundry.

For machine-washing of wool products, select a washing machine with Woolmark® Care or wool program.

For regular washing or bulky items such as down wear, duvet, comforter, curtains, opt for a washing machine with Down Wear program.

For quick washes of small loads, look for a washing machine with time-saving functions, such as Fast+, or Rapid programs. Reduce up to 50% of the program duration by selecting Fast+ program follower.

For athletes or avid sports enthusiast, consider a washing machine with Outdoor/Sports program.

6. Features

Delay Start Function enables scheduled washing at preset time so you may come home to clean laundry that are just in time to dry, without have them sit in the washer all day.

Child Lock prevents unwanted activation to protect your curious little ones at home.

Drum Clean Function is useful for regular maintenance of the washing machine. As your laundry gets cleaned, the washer gets dirty over time. Simply select this function and run it on an empty drum to clean the interior and remove any residue and build up of dirt. Doing so improves the performance of the washing machine for hygienic wash results every time.

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