About ELBA

Our expertise and flexibility in producing domestic appliances to meet the requirements of customers throughout the world have contributed to our expansion. The world market is increasingly challenging and competitive, but ELBA is fully prepared to approach this with enthusiasm as we have demonstrated it over the past decades.

Our design is flexible, in both quantity and quality. We satisfy the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home and is where the family meets, feeds and warms itself, as has happened for thousands of years around the hearth. With our products we continuously search for the beautiful, practical, useful and harmonious, while always keeping an eye on costs. We have supplied the kitchens of millions of people for decades and the number is still growing

ELBA is exclusively distributed by Casa (S) Pte Ltd as a pioneer in Italian built-in cooking appliances in the early 80's. We now have a full range of appliance ranging from hobs, hoods, ovens to washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. The Elba range of products boasts unique designs and efficient performance. High-quality, strong and practical materials are used and made to last.



ELBA Singapore

Casa (S) Pte Ltd The Exclusive ELBA Distributor

In the heart of today’s bustling, metropolitan cities, people long to go back to a place that they can call home every day. Building a home is not always easy, and it can be frustrating to find the right products that fit one’s distinctive lifestyle. With the myriad of homeware brands out there, new and old, we often get stuck with what choice to make, desiring only the best picks.

This is what makes the Casa experience so authentic, with our shopping experience shaped by the dissatisfaction each of our team member faced as homeowners previously. We want to smooth out these challenges and help homeowners focus on the things that truly matter. We strive to create homes that we would love to live in. This constant, unwavering commitment is brought to life through our promise to curate only the best products that fit each unique home.

This is why we are called Casa, the Italian word for ‘home’. After being inspired at home exhibition in Milan back in 1972, we wanted to recreate the experience for local homeowners with a one-stop shop. Since our small, rented shopfront in 1976, Casa has enlarged its footprint internationally and now curates quality household appliances with 7 esteemed brand partners and distributes across Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. At Casa, we want to make every homemaker’s journey as enjoyable as possible, and this is why we always go above and beyond to deliver satisfaction. Our core values of showing Care, Accountability, Support, and Ambition are embodied by all members of the Casa family. These help us to empathise with our consumers, and better aid them in finding homegoods that they desire and can rely on.