This Christmas, gather the family and have a Xmas Bake-off with the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen!

🎄🎁 Hugging gingerbread man recipe with ELBA’s Oven ELIO 624 Baker 👩🍳👨🍳
Creativity is intelligence having fun! The gingerbread man cookies are versatile and can be coloured and decorated in any way you wish. Let your gingerbread man cookies hug onto candy canes, presents (in the form of peppermint candies), or perhaps a teddy bear. Get the kids involved and let their creativity run wild!
ELBA Multi-Function Oven ELIO 624 Baker gives you perfect baking results, everytime! It is also rated as one of the Best ovens in Singapore!

✅ It comes with 9 Pre-programmed Functions compassing an extensive array of recipes.
✅ Energy rating: A
✅ Easy removable door which comes with Easy-to-clean enamel coating that repels grease and dirt.
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Prep time 20mins. Cooking time: 10mins. Serves: 12