Save 4X More with ELBA’s Dishwashers!

With utility prices ever increasing, reducing our consumption at home is crucial to saving on utility bills. Did you know that using a dishwasher saves more water than handwashing? Put away the sponge and hear these mind-blowing facts.

✅ On average, hand washing utilizes approximately 30L to 40L of water, compared to Dishwashers which only use 7L to 10L/cycle! That is up to 4X savings on water, in addition to the time savings!

✅ Modern dishwashers, such as ELBA’s, apply special techniques, pumps, filters, and spray jets to us water efficiently throughout the cleaning process. Water is filtered and heated up for maximum cleaning and optimal water efficiency.

Worried about space constrain in your kitchen for a dishwasher? Fret not! Check out ELBA’s NEW Tabletop Dishwasher!

👍 Compact size of W550 x D500 x H438mm, it is conveniently placed on your tabletop, saving you valuable floor space. Doubles up as a storage for your dishes after every wash. Equipped with 6 Place Settings, and a suite of 8 Wash Programs. Save more, cook to your heart’s content, and let ELBA dishwasher do the cleaning for you!

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