ELBA Debunks Laundry Myths!

❎ Myth: Washing Machines are always “self cleaning” from washing laundry

✅ Fact: As the washing machines remove dirt and grime from your clothes, these dirt and detergent residue tend to build up in the drum over time, breeding bacteria or even fungus. Leaving the washer door closed after use may even cause mold to grow due to the lack of air ventilation.

🔵Our solution: Choose ELBA washing machines that feature Drum Cleaning Function! Simply operate on an empty load and let it run hot water at up to 90°C to thoroughly sanitize the interior; removing dirt, and allergens while killing bacteria and mold build-ups. Keeping your washer clean, ensuring your laundry gets effectively sanitised each time!

Tip* Add anti-limescale, suitable for the washing machines, and run this cycle regularly (every 1-2 months).

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